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Posing secrets - families, couples, groups (and kids!)

How to take flattering portraits of families, groups of friends, couples and kids. 
Photos that are memorable, super-liked and with natural expressions.
This class is taught by Lauren.

Take Perfectly Sharp Photos In Any Condition!

How to take tack sharp images, what focusing pitfalls to avoid, handling tricky situations and even creating "soft focus" dreamy images. 
This class is being taught by Lauren.

How to capture your memories & experiences with Video Mode

In this webclass, Lauren Lim of Photography Concentrate shares her experience with family and travel photography done in a unique way, via storytelling and using your camera's Video Mode.

Doing Photo Critiques to Improve Your Photography With "The Critical Five"

Learn from success and from mistakes, help others and yourself to improve, learn useful techniques or refresh your memory with this eye-opening webclass.

Take Charming Photos of Newborns

This web class shows you how you can create charming photos of newborns and their family, focusing on both the creative side and the gear needed.
We go much further beyond a snapshot – you can make a photo creation you’ll be proud of, and will be cherished for generations!

Secrets of Family Photography

This web class takes you step-by-step and shows you everything from the gear you need,  to the props you might want to bring to a shoot, and everything you need to do beforehand to have a stress-free and successful family photoshoot. 

How to Master Macro Photography

This web class teaches everything you need to know about close up photography - the equipment you need, the techniques to use and how to tell a story through macro photography through focus, composition, and lighting. 

Learn how to take great macro photos that tell a story and make the ordinary extraordinary. 

Watch Class Here! 

Volunteering Your Photography

This web class teaches you about the importance of thoughtfully working for free in order to grow your photography business. This is a great practice for photographers at all levels, whether you're a beginner or established pro. 

Learn how to work with non-profits, people, and organizations that you care about without being burnt out and instead succeed in networking. 

Watch Class Here! 

Fixed Focal Length

Our team member, award-winning art photographer Jill Mathis shares her experiences and insights she gained using a lens choice that might surprise you. This is  a fun and eye-opening webinar! Get ready!

How To Use Instagram To Grow Your Business

Kaitlyn shares tips and tricks on how to up-level your Instagram Engagement in order to to grow your business. Also includes access to a free Instagram Guide & Workbook.

How To Book Your Dream Clients

Kaitlyn ​walks you through the steps on how to identify, serve, contact, and BOOK your dream clients! Also includes access to a free Dream Client Questionnaire that will help you narrow down who your dream client is. 

How To Build A Brand: Branding 101

The first part of our branding series! This is an introductory class on how to get started thinking about how you can start to build a brand instead of a business. Also includes access to a ​Brand Brainstorming Guide.  

Building Blocks of A Successful Photography Brand

As part two in our branding series, Kristal will walk you through all of the important steps that you need to take to start building a successful photography brand: from identifying your ideal clients, coming up with a business name, and designing a perfect logo!

How To Prepare A Portfolio

Jill walks you through how to prepare a perfect portfolio for you and your niche in order to effectively showcase your skills. She also goes through member's actual portfolios and provides tips to help them succeed. 

Composition Basics

In this members coaching class, Jill walks you through the very basics of composition and how to apply them to your photos - line, shape and form.

Composition Basics Part 2

Part  2 of our composition course where Jill continues on and shares the secrets to basic composition and how to apply them.

Happy Learning!

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